Body positive, fierce visionary art that questions the status quo, challenges preconceptions, and empowers your transformation.

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About Yagama

Art is alchemy that flows through me, empowering you to question reality and dare to explore the unknown.

My story

I felt different as a child. Every day I was bullied. I wanted to be like everyone else so much.

At night, a different kind of power loomed over me. The frightful Baba Yaga witch chased me in my dreams. I was sure I would perish if she caught me. And then one night, tired of running away, I just let her devour me.

The next morning, I was reborn - as her. That old hag, dark goddess of the forest - me!

But it took me years to truly embrace that wildness inside, instead of seeking approval.

My path lay through a dark forest of downturns and strange twists, self-doubt alternating with rapture. Homelessness, broken relationships, substance abuse...Here I was, an alien who didn't know where she belonged. 

I went deeper into yoga and spirituality. On my quest, I met with free spirits, hungry spirits, and blessed ones. I kept catching glimpses of my own soul reflected the eyes of friends and strangers, only for an instant, but enough to keep me going...

The breakthrough came when I became a mom. The process of birth took me to a place beyond pain and self, sacred and profane, to the cave where souls await to be brought to this world. A place beyond cares, yet full of all the care in the world. A place where nobody is an outsider, nothing is unwanted, and everything is one. A place guarded only by the sharp teeth of Time.

In my womb I discovered the womb of the world. I carried a red thread from there, to hell and back. It's woven in all my work, as a fierce offering for the Goddess, Mother and Crone - in me, and in you.

Mother Gives All

My art spell

May my community feel empowered to be who you are, unabashedly embracing your own quirks.

May my art invite people to face the dark corners of their souls for their transformative powers.

May my art inspire a realization of the sacred unity of the inner and outer world.

May my art encourage a change of attitudes towards death and sexuality for a joyful, tolerant and undogmatic acceptance of life's inevitabilities.

May my art bring a widespread understanding that prejudices are social and mental constructs, and should be dispensed with.

May my art inspire respect and empowerment for women and those perceived as different in any way.

My art is here to:

Jolt you, me, and everyone out of layers of conditioning, prejudice and taboo through a transgressive view centered in the body and mystical symbolism.

To empower outsiders and freaks to embrace their weirdness and turn it into a tool for transformation.

To critique social mores and isms from a feminist perspective.

To loosen restrictive patterns with a tongue-in-cheek humor melding the sacred and the profane that provokes laughter at the sublime cosmic joke that is life.

To cast provocative, colorful and trippy art talismans that free your mind, heart and body.

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