Painting: I have been painting since childhood and my artistic inspirations are connected with visions and myth. To gain knowledge and inspiration from the ideas and experiences of other cultures I combined the study of painting with that of cultural anthropology at Hunter College CUNY.

In 2015 I received a scholarship and residency at Schöppingen  Art Village, Germany, and started an ongoing series of tempera on wood "icons" titled "Little Death," which I am working on now.

Many of my paintings are in private collections in the USA, Bulgaria and Germany.

The images below are not in any particular order. 
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Painting exhibitions:
"All Dreams Continue in the Beyond" Cell 63 Gallery, Berlin 2016, group exhibition
"APPETITE" Porcelaingres space, Berlin 2013, exhibition related to the film by the same name
“Born Independent” group art show, Shipka 6 Gallery, София, 2009
solo painting exhibition, Sofia Expo Center, 2004
“Natural Mystic,” solo painting exhibition, Kali Ma Center, Christiansted, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, 2003
group art show, A.H. Riise Gallery, St. Thomas, Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands, 2002
Changeling, oil
The Rabbit Eats the Being 1 oil on canvas, created for the APPETITE film and exhibition

The Rabbit Eats the Being 2 oil on canvas, created for the APPETITE film and exhibition

The Being is Scared, oil on canvas, created for the APPETITE film and exhibition

The sleep of reason gives birth to spirits (falling in love), acrylic
Pink Creature
Out of the bottle
Flower power, oil and acrylic
The Anteater
The Anteaters
Me and Shaka 1
Me and Shaka2 (with Buhal)
Bastet-Sekhmet, oil and acrylic
Kali-ma, oil
Lust, acrylic and oil
Spring Baba Yaga, textile paint

In the steps of the he-goat, acrylic and oil
The Rambaramp
The Nommos
Buhal creatures in the mango tree
Yemonja - Mother of the Sea, oil
Isis, oil
Waiting for the prince, acrylic

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Yagama makes art Yagama thinks about death Yagama worships the primeval Vagina and Penis Yagama plays with time, paint and words Yagama labours on film and video Yagama is a creature of the deep forests and turquoise seas Yagama is free Yagama awakes and soothes beasts Yagama dissolves Yagama transforms Yagama coagulates Yagama loves Who is Yagama?