Film/Theatre collaborations

Over the years, I have been gradually but steadily moving from painting through set design to live video and finally to film production. I am preparing my debut live action+animation short film called "Appetite." I am also the writer and director of various other short films and videos, such as "The first time." I love working with my sister, the director Ilina Perianova, and we have already collaborated on many projects including "Eat Me!" short musical film. And more to come!  

Excited by the great possibilities of mixed and new media, I am happy to collaborate with all types of performers, and theater and film projects.
Below are some samples of my favourite past and ongoing projects in this area. 

KaroL:LoraK full performance from yagama on Vimeo.
KAROL:LORAK live interactive theatre performance
Concept/direction: Yagama and Jasmina Cholakova
Performance: Jasmina Cholakova
Live Video:Yagama
Audio: Kliment Dichev

"KaroL:Lorak" was originally concieved and created in the first half of 2009 by Yagama and Jasmina Cholakova as part of the “Space of Perceptions” group project, which by means of multimedia performances and installations explored issues related to our senses and their way of shaping our perceived world. As part of that project it was awarded by the Ministry of Culture’s Debut Projects Fund in Bulgaria and was performed for the first time on June 21 in Vaska Emanuilova Gallery, Sofia. It has since been shown at Artmospheric Festival, Bulgaria, Flussi Festival, Italy, Moscow Biennalle of Young Contemporary Art (supported by the European Cultural Fund), The Red House Gallery in Sofia, Screenplay @ Collegium Hungaricum, Berlin, Hachenburger Lichterloch Festival, Hachenburg, Germany.
The performance "KaroL:LoraK" explores the relationship between our imaginary self and the person we project into the world. How much of reality is actually a product of our imagination? And if reality is a never ceasing process of exchange between the human mind and the external world in both directions, how can we begin to actively create it? Although our minds are shadowed by patterns of thought and behavior imposed by our surroundings, we can become aware and make active choices about who we are, to build our own perceptions of life. It is the ability to create that makes us truly human.

WATCH KaroL:LoraK SHORT PREVIEW from yagama on Vimeo.

KaroL:LoraK@Flussi Festival
KaroL:LoraK@Flussi Festival

GLADEN SAM three part theatre performance
Concept and direction: Ilina Perianova
Performance: Anna Valcheva, Elian Aroyo, Stanislav Peev, Petar Genkov, Eva Demireva
Video: Yagama
Set Design: Mihaela Komitova, Yagama
Costumes: Antonia Koicheva
Camera: Vasil Stoilov
Sound: Kliment Dichev and var. tracks

"I know I need something. All the time. I swallow everything that catches my fancy. Sometimes, I take more than I need at the moment. Sometimes I also get confused, and even though deep inside I want one thing, I stuff myself with another, and it turns out to be air. I displace my inner hunger with matter. I live in a world of objects, where the one who consumes, survives. This is why I will eat until I can."
A three part, one and a quarter hour long theatre performance loosely based on three plays, by Howard Barker, Karl Valenten and Yves Lobio, revolving around the themes of hunger and food. Hunger is the driving force behind most of the actor's motives, set in different contexts. "Gladen Sam" (Bulgarian for "I am hungry") uses the means of sketch, drama and parody, dialogue with the audience, and live video projections. Premiered in October 2010 at New Bulgarian University Theatre Sofia. Shown also at Sfumato Theatre, Sofia.

"Gladen Sam" rehearsal June 2010
"Gladen Sam" rehearsal June 2010

Still from video for 2nd part of "Gladen Sam"
set design by Yagama
Still from video for 2nd part of "Gladen Sam"
"Gladen Sam" video still
"Gladen Sam" video still
"Gladen Sam" video still
BLUE BEARD short film
The first Uga Buga production short film, entirely created in 24 hours for the Sofia film challenge on 13/14 February 2009 on the topic 

“I love you to death.”
Concept: Ilina Perianova and Yagama
Directed by: Ilina Perianova
Camera: Natali
Visual environment/set and editing: Yagama
Screenplay: Ilina Perianova and Yagama
Music: Pavel Stoychev
Make-up: Rozaliya Mitrova
Graphic artist: Nadezhda Georgieva
Blue Beard: Stanislav Peev
His wives: Anna Valcheva
His fist love: Ilina Perianova
Special thanks to: Prochko Prochkov and Dori.

 The film has been screened at the Sofia Film Challenge 2009 and Water Tower Art Festival, Sofia 2009, among others.

Yagama has also worked on the following films and performances:

"Appetite," short film and art project, writer, director, production design, character design, background animation, compositing, foley sounds, teaser ready 2015, in pre-production
"Eat Me!," short musical film, dir. Ilina Perianova, production design, costumes, lyrics, producer, 2016
"Snegurochka," dir. Ilina Perianova, co-producer
"DAU," feature film, dir. Iliya Hrjanovsky, prop artist,  in charge of props production process, object restoration, furniture, imitation Soviet era pieces  (40's and 50's) on location, Harkov Ukraine,  2009
"The Dreaming," short film, dir. Ilina Perianova, editor, 2009
"The Babylon Tower," theatre show, dir. A. Tsvetkova, live video, 2008
"The Witch", short film, dir. Ilina Perianova, props, camera, edit, 2007
and various others

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