May 10, 2015

Stiftung Kunstlerdorf Schöppingen fellowship and residency

I had the honor of being awarded a stipend to stay at the Art Village in the  village of Schöppingen near the Dutch border between March and May 2015. Stiftung Kunstlerdorf Schöppingen is run by very open and nice people, presided by Dr. Joseph Spiegel and his partner Dr. Sigrun. I recommend it to any colleague out there not afraid of being left alone to themeslves for prolonged periods. This is the first art residency I ever applied to, and I expected life in a monastery. I sort of got it, as especially in the early days there were few other fellows and the weather was cold and rainy. I locked myself into my huge studio apartment and really enjoyed the amazing space. It was a great chance to develop my new project, a series of tempera on wood and MDF icons of death and sex. I plan to develop the project further elsewhere at a residency, and in Berlin. And now that the time here has come to a close, I'm feeling a bit sad to say goodbye to this place...especially that it's so green and fresh and flowery now that spring is here...
my first studio + apartment here with 5 m ceilings

my second studio -super nice big F6 gallery space
work in progress...

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