Oct 2, 2011

Hachenburg Lichterloch

I had the pleasure of being invited to perform at Hachenburg Lichterloch, set in a fairy tale small town in Westerwald, Rheinland-Pfalz, during the last weekend of September. What I really liked about the event is that it was addressed to the general public of this small town area, rather than the usual artist-oriented goings on. The organiser, Kristin, was fantastic. Big cheers to her!

Me and Jasmina Cholakova performed KaroL:LoraK twice, to an audience of enchanted children (that was a first!) and their pet adults. (
see photo above, by Matthias Ketz).I also enjoyed vj-ing with Zion Train, who performed a very lively set on the Saturday night. Very nice people! Unfortunately, the schedule was quite tight, so we missed most of the other acts we wanted to see...and they missed us ;) There were a lot of great fire performers, sculptures, lights, a candle maze and things that some people in this region have never seen before...I hope for them it was Wonderland.
Below are some photos Jasmina took during my set with Zion Train.

Some more pics here

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