Nov 6, 2019

HOLY CVNT exhibition coming up!

Punk temple of the divine feminine!
It's been a dream in the making for 2 years now. With my cunty artist friends, irreverent goddesses, feminists, mothers, wonderwomen  Dee Mulrooney, Eva Garland and Nessa Finnegan. We are making it happen!
Welcome to Zeitzone Gallery in Berlin for an opening night of performances, poetry and mirth on November 23.
Growler - Our Lady of the Flaps Performer: Dee Mulrooney / Costume: Eva Garland;
Ceyhun Kaya (Electric Saz) & Yagama (Poetry);
Lilly Mortis - Burlesque Performance Artist;
DJ: Franxerox (Paris)
More info in event link

Aug 1, 2019

Freerotation 2019

A month after I got back from this magical wonderful beautiful cauldron of a gathering I have finally got it in me to post here :P...again no videos of my VJ-ing work but a couple of photos :P

Photo by Bob Vernay / Visuals for Fred P

visuals in Room 2 on Friday

visuals in Room 2 on Friday

Apr 30, 2019

Moon Coral

This year I've been pleased to create visuals for the London-based Moon Coral parties. The first of them took place on January 18th and here's a link for a bit of my space themed hypnotic video for Junki Inoue 

The second one is coming up this Friday, May 3rd with Markus Sommer, and here's the video preview

And some video stills from both events:

from Moon Coral 003

from Moon Coral 003

from Moon Coral 003 
from Moon Coral 002 

from Moon Coral 002

Jan 16, 2019


My first collage and poem of the new year were inspired by the powerful new moon and partial lunar eclipse, and I created them on the day - January 5th.

Tenebrous moon
of nothingness, the tomb,
black hole dive into womb

opening to flesh, wound
inky tears freely offered
blotting out that which could never be written
and that which always was, and will
the most supple of subtle bodies
and a bold finger pointing 
into the heart of darkness.

Jan 15, 2019

New year, new blessings

As the new year enters in full force, the old must be left behind for the new to come. Some photos from my last live video gig with New Generation in Sofia in the end of 2018 by amazing photographer Boryana Pandova

Jul 29, 2018

Pirineos del Sur Festival

On 21 July my video "Shadows and Reflections" was shown at the Pirineos del Sur Festival as part of their video program!

Jun 20, 2018

New Generation Concert

This April, after a big break I had the pleasure and honor of working with legendary Bulgarina band "New Generation" again. We had a fantastic concert in front of 10 000+ people at Arena Armeec on 21.04.2018 and I did live visuals specially created for each track. If you know Bulgarian you would know each track is a beautiful dark poem, many of them crafted by the late Dimitar Voev, the band's frontman in the late 80's and early 90's. The audience were singing along and the energy was magical. 

Mar 12, 2018

I am not your muse

The Femme Fraktale collective from Berlin organized a very well attended event this Women's Day - 8th of March, titled "I am not your muse," at the New Yorck space in formerly squatted Bethanien Künstlerhaus. I really enjoyed performing several of my poems there and bulding an altar with my icon/painting "Our Mother of Compassion." Thanks to the beautiful audience, artists and team!

Oct 25, 2017

Vive la V!

So happy to take part in this with 3 of my paintings!

'Vive la V!' is an art exhibition about the beauty, diversity and power of the female body and the female private parts in particular. Our main concern lies in the question of how these organs are currently perceived in western culture.

The digital manipulation of the female form is not only endemic and pervasive, but has also become an almost accepted practice. While at the same time our most intimate body parts are subject to a culturally induced censorship, real women are rarely if ever shown. 

This is why we are birthing the interdisciplinary project 'Vive la V!'. We want to provoke discussion and conversation about this topic. Our images break with conventional taboos and defy heteronormative perspectives, thereby contributing to a more empowered, deeper understanding of the female body.

Organised by the Vulvae n. E. V., this Saturday October 28, Kultstätte KELLER, Karl-Marx Str. 52, Berlin
Facebook event 

Artists: Vulvae n. e. V.:  / I Show Flag / Kim Kensbock / Andreas Melzer/ Lina Lätitia Blatt / Eva Garland /Dee Mulrooney / Yours truly - Yagama

Oct 3, 2017

Appetite exhibition photos

Taking a breath after it's all said and done... Appetite was a wonderful exhibition and I did a poetry performance of my "I Am Hungry" poem for the first time, accompanied by world class experimental violinist and friend Biliyana Voutchkova, at the opening. Thanks to all who came! Now on to the movie. I am working on sets and the wonderful animator Velislava Gospodinova is already drawing the sotryboard for the animated film!

Perfomance with Bilyana Voutchkova, behind us is the new Stomach installation we made with Eva Garland
Some of the Appetite paintings 

Performing my poem
Buzz Bullets concert

The Cannibalism series photos

Displaying the project development

Aug 25, 2017

Appetite exhibition #2 very soon!

It’s time for Appetite exhibition#2! Excited!

location: Galerie ZeitZone, Adalbertstr. 79, Kreuzberg, 10997 Berlin
duration: 15.09 – 28.09 2017
opening with performances: 16.09.2017, Saturday, 7 pm
Event on FB:
Works and concept by:
Installation by Yagama and Eva Garland
Opening night performances:
World renowned contemporaty violinist Biliana Voutchkova, who is contributing her music to the APPETITE film featuring the “I am hungry” poem read by Yagama
The Buzz Bullets – an appetizing new rock band created by APPETITE actor, drummer Lenjes Robinson, guitarist Yamirah Gercke, of Bad Ass Freaks fame, singer Nicole Kreyssel and the bassist Vivek Date.

Jul 20, 2017

Freerotation 2017

I got back from Freerotation 2017 and it was, again, the best ever. Filled with all the magical moments, inspired by all the wonderful people I met, and getting ready for new collaborations. I just wish I had more time to update this blog!
Not many pictures or videos of my visuals so far but it's the first time I presented my brand spanking new erotically feminist *flowerfuck* VJ set featuring my dear Milka Ivanova. There is some more stuff on my page in FB
Photo of Shawn Rudiman playing relentlessly good Midwest techno in Room 1 on Saturday with my video work in the background / photo credit Daddy's Got Sweets

May 17, 2017

Shadows and Reflections video

I recently finished this analogue effects + rotoscopy video for Dirk Markham called "Shadows and reflections" Premiering in September at Sofia's DAFest

shadows and reflections from yagama on Vimeo.

Sep 27, 2016

Watery experiments

This summer I did a tank cloud experiment which got me super excited. Pure beauty. I made some videos and VJ footage out of it but I plan to do an entire video. Some stills:

Jul 29, 2016

Freerotation 2016

So much love, great music, intention to be the best of ourselves, community, creativity, friends and friendly faces, many of whom I I only get to see once a year, and the honour of dancing for our troubled Mother, this suffering planet. Huge thanks to absolutely everyone involved, Suzybee and Steevio and their family -blessings!, and much love. And remembering those who left to dance in the beyond, who were with us also.
It was a fantastic VJ team as always, including the inspiring and totally lovely Limbic Cinema, Kumpa, Arturas Sadiukis (who was such a star with setting up and helping all along), Claire and Vesta Mistake, and the Brown brothers.
Below are some snippets from my VJ performance with Neel on Saturday in Room 1 and J-Lab on Sunday in Room 2.



Jun 29, 2016

VJ mix for Cinatrax Vol.1 by Howie B. & DJ Jus-Ed

I've had the pleasure of making this VJ mix to promote the inimitable Howie B. & DJ Jus-Ed's new release Cinatrax Vol.1 now available on

Each track snippet has its own visual concept, as in my previous vid for the UQ label series. All video by me, mixed live.

Little did I know that this Bridgeport USA/ Berlin DE/ UK collaboration will acquire new significance in the wake of the recent Brexit. It's our responsibility as artists to go beyond boundaries and break all walls for a peaceful now and tomorrow on our beautiful, one and only, planet Earth.

With a strong prayer for peace and love, I present to you:

Jun 13, 2016

"All Dreams Continue in the Beyond" Exhibition

Really happy to be part of the wonderful "All Dreams Continue in the Beyond" Exhibition at Cell63 Gallery, curated by Luisa Catucci. It goes on from June 4 till July 30. If you are in Berlin, be sure to check it out. I am showing a glimpse into the world of my film and art project "APPETITE."

More info here:

Mar 17, 2016

New VJ mix!

I made this mix for my dear friend DJ Jus-Ed's upcoming UQ-064 release on his well known Underground Quality label titled "Emotional" 2x12. It was a great pleasure to get inspired by his real and raw sounds. Each track has it's own visual concept. All video material is created by me and mixed live using VDMX and Syphon recorder. Enjoy!

Feb 25, 2016

Eat Me!

The official trailer for the Eat Me! film, on which I collaborated with my sister, director Ilina Perianova, as Production and Costume Designer, Lyrics co-Writer and Producer, is now online!

Jan 28, 2016

#Trends Exhibition

In October 2015 I was invited to take part in the #Trends Exhibition at the New Wing of The Gogol House, Moscow, Russia, by curators Roman Minaev and Antonina Baever. 
The idea was the view of new works by contemporary art "stars" through the lens of lesser well known artists. My task was to photograph work by Christian Jankovski. I created a series of photos, and one documental photo, under the name Yagama Jankowski. 

The curators and Mr. Jankovski at the exhibition in front of my photo of him and his object. 
The object by Christian Jankowski X-Ray Nr. 1

The object by Christian Jankowski X-Ray Nr. 8

Oct 23, 2015

Eat Me! short musical film

My sister Ilina Perianova, with whom I've already collaborated on a number of projects, including food and consumerism related ones, invited me to join her in creating the Eat Me short musical film. So, since June 2015, I've been engaged in making this project happen as a Producer, Lyrics Co-Writer, Production and Costume Designer and director's right hand woman. 
It's the first time I've done costumes and it was great fun, I hope you like them too!
Eat me! is a short musical film, about our relationship to food and its waste, and how that reflects in our relationships with each other.  
Eat Me! Aims to bring awareness to those problems in a funny and creative way that appeals to a broad audience. We believe we can inspire people to learn more about where their food comes from and the impact it has, and act locally to achieve common global goals.
Music is the universal language and it plays a central part in the story of the film. Musically and visually, we're inspired by classical musicals such as “ Cabaret, “ Hair” and “Chicago.” 
The story isn’t set in a particular time and country although it has strong allusions to contemporary society. The approximate length of the film is 20 minutes. It's in English, and we'd like as many people as possible, of all ages and walks of life, to see it. We expect it to be ready by November 2015.
But we still need money to finish the film, specifically the post production part. This is why we've started this cool crowdfunding campaign.

Check it out, share and support. It's all or nothing and it ends on November 1rst. It's a chance for you to be part of the change you want to see in the world!

Join us on FB
and twitter

And here are a couple of photos to make you hungry for more...
We shot with a crane: a first for the Perianovi sisters team!

Rob  aka Nigel and the foods

Gluttonous Rob played by Nigel Barber from the new James Bond flick "Spectre"

Bulgarian star Luiza Grigorova surrounded by dancing foods
It's a wrap!

me promoting the movie at Beglika festival

Aug 24, 2015

Yagama @ Freerotation

I didn't have time to post anything about Freerotation this year yet but here it is now - Freerotation Festival, July 10-13 2015 was IT. I don't know how but it just keeps getting better and better. The people, the music, the place. Simply the best! And I got to play with great musicians, including the amazing Magic Mountain High - the wicked psychedelic Move D+ Juju and Jordash analog goodness combo. Here are some photos by Daddy's Got Sweets from my Saturday set with a DJ aptly called Don't DJ.

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